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Thai Green curry

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Photo cred: great recipe from Jodie to celebrate Meat Free Monday.

“This recipe is for one of my favourites, Thai Green curry. It’s hard to find vegan Thai pastes as so many of them contain fish sauce, but its super quick to make a homemade paste yourself. I like this dish served with brown rice, but you can have it with white rice or even noodles. Just bear in mind cooking times when making them alongside the sauce. You can also make extra paste if you wish and freeze it in an ice cube tray, then you can just add the cubes to the dish from frozen. You can even use the paste for Thai soups.”

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Vegan Tagine

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meat-free-mondayHi – Jodie here with this week’s recipe, although World Vegan Month is over now, I’ll carry on sharing some recipes for a bit 🙂

As a family we have all collectively spent a lot of time in Morocco and are always bringing back authentic recipes and spices to recreate our favourite dishes at home. This recipe is my take on a vegan tagine.

With a tagine you do not necessarily need the authentic dish in order to cook this, a large saucepan and lid will work just as well, or an oven proof dish and lid, cook and prep time will not vary depending on chosen dish.

Perhaps we’ll start to see vegan tagine appearing on a high street near you soon? Apparently catering for the ‘plant curious’ is becoming big business.