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I really want you to post comments so we’re keeping it simple – no registering required and so you don’t need a password or a log-in. Comments are moderated though so they won’t be posted immediately. Blogs (in my limited experience) seem to read best when short and to the point. A challenge for all of us. And finally … we like fair play, speak your mind by all means but please do so with a regard for the feelings of others.

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  • All the articles on this blog are written by me, but may sometimes be edited by members of my team at Ecotricity – to help me out.
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5 responses to “Official bits”

    • Reply Peter Simmons

      Post carbon? Hmmm, I’m sure I read somewhere that we’re all made of carbon… and water

    • Reply Rick Hewitt

      Hello, Friend
      I, too, am a founder of sorts. Our foundation is based in Grant, Colorado, U.S.A. 80448. Google Earth zooms right in on us. May or may not be a good thing– The TerraMadre Foundation is an environmentally benevolent funding organization. We are a non-profit, globally active, ecologically proactive group that is one hundred percent devoted to the repair and rehabilitation of our beloved “Mother Earth”. As her woes continue to mount, the almighty “profiteers” turn a blind eye. Our job is to research, explore, study, and generally approve those entities that are genuinely dedicated to the same goals that we are. Once we have vetted these ecologically friendly organizations, we notify them that they are eligible for grants. We hope you folks might contact us so we may learn about more deserving projects, individuals, and groups who may benefit from our resources.
      Your Friend,Rick Hewitt

    • Reply Kristen Banker

      Hi Zero Carbonista,

      I hope this is ok to post this here. My name is Kristen and I’m the owner of We’re currently running a competition on our blog and are asking viewers to subscribe to our newsletter, as well as submit a cool, new “eco tip for the home”. In return, we’ll select a winner based on the entries and the victor will receive a super awesome Solio Magnesium Solar Charger. We think it’s a great prize and just in time for the holidays. We would be incredibly grateful if you would link to the blog post and maybe write about it on your blog? It would greatly assist us in our green efforts. I am happy to be of service in anyway I can to you and your blogs as a thank you. Just let me know how best I can help you and I’ll take it from there!
      Every little bit of help in our green efforts makes a difference. Thanks so much.

      Here’s the link:

      Have a great day and a happy holiday, (if you’re celebrating).


      Kristen Banker and the team at Modern Eco Homes

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