We had a bit of fun last week on World Vegan Day

Plant Bovril

We had a bit of fun last week on World Vegan Day – with the announcement of a plant based version of Bovril.
Bovril of course (or in case you didn’t know) is a bit of a tradition in football – to me it’s pretty revolting, essentially boiled up cow.
But when Bovril approached us (Forest green Rovers) about this idea we thought definitely, why not.
We need alternatives in all walks of life, Energy, Transport and Food – and they’re coming, renewable energy, electrified transport and of course plant based diets.
Chapter 13 of my book Manifesto – out at the end of this month – has the low down on that.
But bringing Bovril back – who thought FGR would ever do that..

It’s not a thing yet, but if Bovril get enough interest they’re going to make it and we’re going to launch it early next year – assuming fans are back watching live football then….

This story made the Mail and Telegraph and though they highlighted some negativity, I was surprised by the balance from both outlets. Maybe it’s a sign of the traction that plant based eating has now – right wing outlets giving ideas like this balanced coverage……