This reminds me of all those crazy (false) EU stories…

This reminds me of all those crazy (false) EU stories, like the one about rules for how bent bananas need to be, which Boris Johnson made up about 20 years ago.

But this one is true. The EU are about to vote on new rules to outlaw the use of the words Burger and Sausage for any plant based products.

This is being driven by the animal farming and food lobby – how spooked are they by the rise in plant based eating……

It’s so ridiculous. Lobbyists for the meat industry are even claiming that there is deliberate confusion created by use of these words – it’s bad enough they claim that people could be confused by the term plant burger or veggie burger or even meatless burger – but to say that it is deliberate…..

The truth is plainly the opposite, it’s a form of words that are easy to understand and which people are increasingly looking our for when they shop – and that’s the real reason for this move, to deny plant based food the use of obvious names which people are looking for.

And it goes further than burger and sausage – they are also asking for bans on the use of style, imitation or flavour – seriously…?

It’s outrageous and surely has to fail – the one consolation we have is that if the EU does vote it through, it won’t affect us because we’re leaving at the end of this year – maybe Brexit will have a tiny silver lining…..

PS – Hamburgers don’t contain ham or any part of a pig, they get their name from their place of origin – Hamburg in Germany. Does the meat lobby not think this is misleading people….🙂