Love this story, this move by the EU

I’ve been saying the last few weeks that without the UK holding it back the EU can get on with things now, I was thinking environmental and social type stuff – but this is a prefect example.

When we were in the EU – we held back action on tax havens, coz that’s where the big money likes to reside. Which our government tends to pander to.

Think Branson, Barclay brothers, Dyson, that Ineos bloke, all sorts of people – and organisations (Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Starbucks…) that like to sit outside of normal tax jurisdictions…..Fantastic to see the EU move so quickly on this issue.

We’ve been a drag on the EU for a long time, with vetos and opt outs and general reluctance to allow progressive action on a range of fronts.

Here comes the Brexit dividend – and it’s not as Farage, Johnson or Gove have imagined it.I’m loving the reality of Brexit – gotta say it.