Green Britain: Help rewilding concept to give land back to nature

This week we kick off the next stage of our Green Britain campaign with the Daily Express… still sounds surreal but it’s happening and having an impact…

We’re looking at the fourth element – ‘giving land back to nature’ – or re wilding as it’s become known. I’ve written an op ed which you can find here. I think Express readers, and others, will find this interesting, surprising perhaps – the cause of habitat depletion and wildlife extinction is food choice. And Britain has lost so much – it’s not just an issue for the Amazon…..and fighting the climate crisis will enable us to reverse this.

We’re launching a fund raising campaign too, to buy a piece of land in the New Forest – Horse Common, with the RSPB. Our good friends Chris Packham and Mya-Rose Craig Birdgirl have joined us to help launch that. We’re fund raising through donations and the Ecotalk partnership with RSPB (which has already funded one site for re wilding).

Ecotalk is a unique mobile service (sim only, using the EE network) – it’s carbon neutral (we allocate green energy to our share of network use) and we use the revenue from mobile phone bills to buy land to give back to nature. It’s a concept we call ’bills into mills’ at ecotricity – and for fun call ‘bills into hills’ at Ecotalk. Oh and the bundles are very competitive. Check out if you are interested.