It’s been a busy week for the oceans — Seaspiracy is now LIVE on Netflix

Netflix have just released Seapiracy, a powerful documentary about the abuse of our oceans in the pursuit of money. It’s from the guy that made Cowspiracy and features our good friends Sea Shepherd (they do brilliant work and have been for decades).

Last week the government were called on to give proper protection to the seas around our coast – post Brexit. We have 40 marine protection zones, most are fished and 75% are trawled – the most destructive method of fishing anyone could devise. There’s not much protection there…

But Greenpeace have been running a brilliant piece of activism, dropping boulders onto the sea beds of marine protection zones – to physically prevent trawling. I love that, it’s activism with a real outcome – practivism is perhaps a good way to describe it.

I hooked up with them a few weeks ago to support their work and there’s now a boulder with my name on it, sat on the sea bed in the English Channel – protecting fish. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I wonder if a future civilisation might find these rock arrays and wonder, as we do with Stonehenge at their purpose…🙂

Many people give up meat and think it’s OK to eat fish – but the devastation of that environment is easily on a par with the devastation of the land environment – in both cases from the food industry.

It doesn’t have to be like this. And we shouldn’t let it be.