The ‘stages of grief’- with a climate twist

Earlier this year I bumped into an outfit called rewriting extinction – they do some really interesting work – connecting artists and people, creating and publishing cartoons and graphic novels – all climate and ecological crisis themed.

They gave me the chance to come up with a concept and get it drawn. I went for something themed around the ‘stages of grief’- with a climate twist.

It was drawn by Joel Pett – he’s a Pulitzer award winning artist, and just happens to be the guy that drew what may be my favourite cartoon of all time – the one with the guy presenting to a conference with a list of benefits on the projector screen – like clean air, water and all that good stuff – and someone says what if we achieve all of this and find that climate change was a hoax……. Love that.

Anyway here it is – the four stages of climate grief.

Right now I reckon most of the world are between stage 2 and 3 – deflection and delay.I’m hoping we avoid the final one… 🙂

Feel free to share.